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How can we apply our fascination for traditional mechanics into state-of -the-art design? This challenge forms the basis of the products of design label Tonone.

Lamp collection Bolt is the first product line of Tonone and is based on a classic mechanical principle. It shows how traditional craft tools and mechanics can be a visual, as well as a functional basis for innovative product design.

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Released in 2014, Mister Tubes is an example of timeless modern industrial design. The combination of functionality and a sturdy appearance is typical for the Tonone collection.

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Lamp Ella exists of a hand-blown glass shade which is supported by a sturdy steel tripod stand. This combination underlines its strong, graphic yet elegant and light character.

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Tonone stands for no-nonsense products with a modern industrial look and a mechanical character.

Design label Tonone was founded by Anton de Groof in 2013 and is located in 's-Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands. Here is where the Tonone team designs and produces the products together with a number of local craftsmen.

Tonone strives to make quality products and therefore every step in the process of designing and making is done with the utmost care and eye for every detail.

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